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About us

Ms. Elakiya Santhirasekaram

Dipl. Visagistin, Hair & Makeup Artist


„ Cosmetics is my medium, my form of painting in which the bare beautiful face is my canvas“ is the motto of Elakiya Santhirasekaram. She is a professional Hair & Make-up Artist with solid experience in diverse make – up, designing skills and extensive training from different corners of the globe.

ElakiyaSanthirasekaram Nail designing b2Dipl. in Nail Art - 2010
Elakiya Santhirasekaram Dipl. in Nail designingDipl. in Nail designing - 2010
Elakiya Santhirasekaram Dipl. in Bridal dressing - 2011Dipl. in Bridal dressing
- 2011
Dipl. VisagistinDipl. Visagistin - 2013

Mrs. Mathy Santhirasekaram

Dipl. in Beauty care & Special Facial treatment


Mrs. Mathy Santhirasekaram is a leading beautician in switzerland with more than 15 years experience in this field. She is famous for her very own creations and also as a person, who carefully listens to her client’s requirement.

When it comes to the business of Bridal dressing, she always makes sure to play attention for traditional values as we live in a multi cultural society. Being a makeup artist isn’t her profession, it’s her passion.

The smile she brings to her client’s face, gives her a great deal of satisfaction, which drives her to strive for perfection in her work.

Mathy Santhirasekaram Bridal dressing beauty cultureDipl. in Bridal dressing and beauty culture - 2004
Mathy Santhirasekaram Special Facial care skin2Dipl. in Special Facial care and skin treatment - 2011